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WINDY CITY TALES: Here’s a book that will resonate with so many Chicagoans — especially as we move closer to those (potentially) snowy days of winter. Mike Brown and Sandy DeLisle and their team have photographed parking spot “place savers” in various Chicago neighborhoods, over the last five years.

The end result is “Dibs Chicago: The Winter Phenomenon of Parking Spot Saving” — which could be just the perfect holiday gift for a neighbor or friend, perhaps presented with one’s tongue firmly placed in one’s cheek!

Among the clever chapter titles are “Most Trashy,” Most Childish,” “Most Busted” and “Most Polite … Or Not.”

Brown and DeLisle will be on hand at the State Restaurant, 935 W. Webster, from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, for a book-signing that undoubtedly will also include the sharing of some funny parking “dibs” war stories!